AFGE has chartered a new nationwide local, AFGE National Local 252, to serve all Department of Education employees across the country. By streamlining under a single nationwide local, AFGE will be able to provide all members of the bargaining unit with better representation across the board.

This is the same strategy we have used to great success at other smaller agencies, including FEMA, the General Services Administration, and the Small Business Administration. This action will have no effect on the FLSA overtime case that was settled in September 2018. All funds awarded as a result of the case are in an escrow account and will be distributed soon to current and past employees by a third-party administrator.

Our litigation against the Department of Education for failing to bargain in good faith also continues. Investigators with the Federal Labor Relations Authority have approved six complaints we filed against the department for unfair labor practices, although those actions remain unenforceable because the FLRA still lacks a Senate-confirmed general counsel.