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Dear Secretary Betsy DeVos,

It’s elementary. I urge you to immediately,

Allow ED workers to implement education laws without political interference.

  • Let us protect America’s students without fear of reprisal.
    Stop politically-biased appointees from rescinding guidance, changing internal procedures, and interfering with ED employees enforcing federal civil rights laws, loan forgiveness programs, and other areas within ED jurisdiction.
  • Give ED employees autonomy to investigate discrimination, loan forgiveness, and other student complaints and reach conclusions based on employees’ review of evidence.

Budget for adequate staff and programs to meet ED’s mission.

  • Hire additional staff across ED to fill vacancies created through attrition.
  • Implement policies designed to retain ED’s talented staff: budget funding for staff promotions, performance awards, training, and travel expenses.
  • Fulfill Congress’s budgetary mandate: fund educational programs serving students who need the most support, i.e., students with disabilities and low-income students.

Come to the bargaining table.

  • Negotiate a fair and equitable contract that is collectively-bargained.
  • Rescind the unbargained for Management Edict that strips ED staff of their union rights and interferes with their ability to efficiently and effectively serve some of the most vulnerable members of the American public.
  • Stop the attack on ED employees by employing unfair hiring practices that avoid the bargaining process and lack transparency and accountability.

Defend public education.

  • Stop siphoning public dollars to fund private and religious schools, which are not required to follow the federal civil rights laws that protect students.
  • Let ED employees protect student borrowers and students who have experienced discrimination, including sexual violence, gender-based discrimination, and race discrimination.
  • Stop the attack on ED employees who work to provide and protect students’ access to education in this country.


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