AFGE Local 252 bargains for the rights of every bargaining unit employee of the U.S. Department of Education. If experience an issue in the workplace that may effect your employment, please Contact a Steward to discuss how to protect your rights.

Please be mindful that due to the 2018 Management Imposed Contract, Local 252 Officers and Stewards are not provided with Official Time during the duty day to address employee issues. They volunteer afterhours to do the work of the union.

You should use the Contact a Steward Form when:

  • you suspect that you may be disciplined, when you receive a notice of proposed discipline,
  • when you suspect that you may have been discriminated against based on a protected class (race, gender, disability, etc.), or
  • when you believe that your employer has violated a law or policy.

You should expect that a union Steward will contact you at the personal email or phone number you provided to ask you additional questions about why you contacted the union.

It would help your steward if you have any supporting documentation ready and that you have reviewed the documentation before you meet so you both can have an informative conversation.  Also, do not send anything to your steward using your ed.gov email address.  You should forward any documents your steward requests to your personal email address and then send that information to your steward’s personal email address.

Yes, it is possible that the union is not able to assist you in instances where you have received a notice of discipline but you did not provide a response or request an extension to respond to the notice timely.  It is also possible that we may not be able to mitigate any proposed punishment if the Department of Education has enough evidence to show that you violated a policy or violated policies to warrant the proposed punishment.

Probably not but a steward will review your documentation, the circumstances of the situation, and the applicable Department of Education policies to determine how we may be able to assist you and advise you of your rights and options.